High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Systems in Tampa

These days, it's not enough for an air conditioner to provide adequate cooling—it must do so as efficiently as possible. Installing a high-efficiency air conditioning system in your home can drastically reduce your cooling expenses and your home's impact on the environment. For help finding a system that suits your home and your budget, turn to the Tampa air conditioner installation experts at Air Rescue. We'll gladly use our expertise to help you select and install an air conditioner that performs effectively and efficiently.

What to Look for in an AC Unit
There are many different kinds of air conditioners available. When selecting a unit for your home, it's a good idea to get an expert's opinion and pay attention to the following factors.

  • High SEER Rating: The seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) rating refers to an AC unit's ratio of energy consumption to its cooling output. The higher the SEER number, the more efficient a particular unit is. The minimum mandated SEER rating is 13, though modern units go much higher.
  • Energy Star Logo: If energy efficiency is a major requirement for your new air conditioner, be sure to look for the blue Energy Star logo. Energy Star-qualified units are at least 15% more efficient than conventional models.
  • Proper Unit Size: To achieve peak efficiency, you must choose a unit that is the proper size for your household. If you choose a unit that's too small, it won't provide sufficient cooling; if it's too large, you'll likely waste energy.

Other Ways to Boost AC Efficiency
The best way to reduce your energy costs is to think of your whole home as a cooling system. Here are just a few home improvements that will help your cooling system operate as efficiently as possible.

  • Repair Ductwork: Your ductwork is responsible for delivering cool air throughout your home. If the ductwork in your garage or crawlspace has a leak, you could be losing valuable cool air.
  • Seal Doors and Windows: The more air that escapes your home, the harder your AC unit will have to work to maintain a constant temperature. Weatherstripping your doors and windows is a great way to seal your home and boost its energy efficiency.
  • Install Additional Insulation: Insulation is great for preventing warm air from infiltrating your home. It's especially important to make sure the attic is properly insulated.

Air Rescue of Tampa can ensure that your air conditioner performs efficiently. After the initial installation, we'll be glad to provide regular AC maintenance. Call our Tampa air conditioning office at (813) 612-5600 if you have any questions.

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