Total System Rejuvenation – Suprisingly Well Worth it says Jay C. in St. Pete on Yelp

Yelp Reviews Service date June 2009 AirRescue “Total System Rejuvenation” – Service was performed at the price quoted and as advertised. A great deal!

Source:  Yelp  – 4.0 star rating –  4/26/2010

$79 Total System Rejuvenation ($20 off reg. price during radio promotion.) Extra a.c. systems at the same time $59 each. I had three systems so $79 + 59 + 59 = $197.00 What a great deal! Next best bid was over $700!

I was concerned that this was “too good to be true” so I planned to be very watchful of the crew (and I was VERY watchful). They sent out two techs that spent six hours each working on cleaning, lubricating and testing my three, Trane systems. I am a licensed general contractor with 30 years experience so I can separate the good from the bad pretty quick so I had more confidence than the typical consumer.

The report:

The two techs AirRescue sent arrived on time, in newer vehicles, were courteous, neat and tidy in appearance and wore shoe covers at all times when they were in my home. They explained what they would be doing, how long it would take and confirmed the cost prior to starting (I signed the authorization they presented.)

They went to work and really did the job! It actually did take them six hours to complete it and it was the most thorough a.c. cleaning I had ever seen. They did what they said they would do and didn’t mess anything else up or “discover” any extra-cost “repairs”.

I wondered how any company could possibly stay in business doing what they did (see below). I can’t vouch for their other techs or past the one experience that I had – so keep your wits about you when you have any service done, but they did the job here!

Other vital info:
1. My a.c. systems were less than 5 years old (installed when I built the home). Your experience may differ depending on the age and condition of your equipment. I am an experienced purchaser of such services and was personally present for the entire time.
2. The AirRescue techs are “salesmen” for the company and will offer the company’s service plans and products as they are concluding the service call. They want to sell you an annual service plan and they have three plans $11.95, $19.95 and $32.95 per month (per system if you have more than one a.c. system).
3. They will offer a number of enhancements – mold and algae blockers ($), energy-saving starters for the compressors ($$$) , advanced air filter service ($$) and the annual service plan ($). This is where they make the “real” money. I am not implying that this is a rip-off; just be prepared for their pitch – it is convincing but not “high pressure”.
4. They are well-trained and personable technicians and salespeople who have done a good job and earned your confidence by the time they explain what they offer…

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Jay C.

St. Petersburg, FL

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