Is Your Air Conditioner Working Hard This Summer?

Florida is already humid anyways, but the wet and rainy summer time makes humidity levels higher than normal. This humidity can make you uncomfortable and create more problems for your air conditioning system. One of the most important duties of your AC system is to remove any moisture.

What to look for at home

If you air conditioning system is turning off 4 to 5 times an hour during the hot Florida summer, it’s not performing efficiently. Your AC system should run continuously 40 to 50 minutes to maintain the temperature in rooms as well as keep the humidity at a comfortable level. When the system first begins cooling it will use the most energy, more than it will us in the next 30 minutes. If it is turning on and off multiple times within an hour it would be using more energy than it would running for a consistent 2 hours.

Mold and mildew

Humidity can make you uncomfortable in your home, it can also allow mold and mildew to grow. You may find this in bathrooms and on walls and ceilings. If wood floors and windows begin to warp this is also a sign of high humidity levels. The high level of humidity must be reduced or mold and mildew will occur.

Uncomfortable humidity

One thing that comes from short air cycles is uncomfortable humidity level in your home. If you have the right sized system for your home, it will allow you to feel comfortable even if the temperature is set at 76. If the humidity levels are low then it will be much more comfortable. The humidity level in your home should not be above 50%.

Schedule an appointment to have the humidity levels in your home checked, we can help you keep your home safe by informing you on ways to control moisture and avoid mold growth.

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