What is a Home Energy Audit?

Home owners are constantly searching for the correct and best energy efficiency recommendations. The first thing you should do is get a home energy audit, this will assess how much energy your home uses and will evaluate what you should do to make your home more efficient. During this process it will pinpoint where your home is losing energy, and determine how efficient your air conditioner or heater is. It will show you problem areas and will end up saving you money on energy costs.

Infrared Thermal Imaging

This process will provide info about areas that unreachable. It will expose all the areas where you lose heat in in the winter or where hot air is getting in during the hot summer days. This is an accurate method and will allow you to evaluate what solutions you need for your home. This camera detects very small but important differences in temperature from different parts of the house. This will show up on the screen as cold or hot spots that cannot be seen unless you have this special infrared camera. Some of these problems might be:

  • Losing energy
  • Not enough insulation
  • Defective wiring and electrical work
  • Moisture sources where mold can grow
  • Leaky ducts
  • Leaky ceilings

Why get an infrared inspection?

This infrared technology can see things that the eye can’t. This modern technique is much more effective than traditional techniques.

Blower Door Test

This process measures air penetration. A large fan will suck the air out of the home and depressurize it. Once this happens, air leaks are found and then you can fix these areas with caulking or insulation. The blower door test cannot pinpoint areas because you can’t see the exterior wall behind the finished wall. Professional experience is essential when finding air infiltration and leakage.

You can schedule your Home Energy Audit today, this process will help your home become more efficient.

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