When is the Best Time to Replace My Air Conditioner?

The worst time to replace your AC system is after it dies! Replacing your AC system is a big investment. Whenever you are ready to upgrade your system you Air Conditioning Replacement should follow these tips:


An HVAC system works at its best whenever your thermostat is properly setup, you have enough insulation and your ducts are sealed and properly installed. Make sure all of these components are taken care of before you spend a lot of money on a new HVAC system, they could be whats causing the problems in your home.

How Old is Your System?

If your air conditioning system is more than 10 years old, then it is time to replace your system. Is your system getting fixed a lot or do you have rooms that don’t cool well? Don’t wait until your system no longer performs, be proactive and have it looked at by a professional. Use a company that is qualified, well trained and has the right equipment to properly diagnose your system.

You can save money on your electric bill by replacing your old inefficient system with a newer high tech model. This will also make your home more comfortable for you and your family.

If you think you may need to replace your old HVAC system, start researching before it actually dies, that way you have time to make the right decision. Since new systems are quite pricy, it might not be a good idea if you are only trying to cut energy costs. You should first look for other problems like leaky ducts, that can be fixed and increase efficiency and comfort.

Make Sure It’s Sized Correctly

It would be a great idea to get a more efficient system, but don’t be tempted to get one bigger than you actually need for the square footage of your home. A system that is too big won’t run well and it will actually make your home less comfortable because it will cycle on and off too often.

Your HVAC system also serves as a dehumidifier. If your system is too big it will cool the house too fast and shut off too early, which means incoming air will not be dehumidified. The combination of cold surfaces and wet air in your home can cause condensation which will eventually turn into mold. If mold spreads to the drywall or joists, you will suffer expensive repair costs.

Let the Professionals Do the Work

If your system is improperly installed, you can lose as much as 30% of your efficiency. It will cancel the savings that you thought you were going to get. Installation of an HVAC system should only be performed by licensed, insured contractors.

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