• Should You Get a Tune Up?

    Studies have shown that 71% of residential air conditioning systems have bad airflow and do not have the proper refrigerant charge. These two factors will cause high energy bills, discomfort and may cause your system to fail sooner than expected.

    Texas A&M performed a study and found that if an air conditioning systems refrigerant is undercharged by as little as 23% it can cause a 52% loss in efficiency. This means your electric bill will double!

    Your home could be suffering from this and you could have no idea! A lot of home owners will end up running their air conditioning system until it dies, think about it you would never buy a car and never change the oil until it breaks down. That’s just a waste!

    It’s best to make sure your air conditioning system is performing well and is running as efficient as possible. The 4 main problems that cause inefficiency are:

    1. The refrigerant of the air conditioning system is under or over charged
    2. Dirty air filters restrict air flow and will make the air conditioning system work harder
    3. The blower motor or the cooling coil can collect dirt build up. 9 out of 10 air conditioning systems fail from dirt build up. This will reduce air flow and cause it to use more energy.
    4. Wrong sized air conditioning systems. If your air conditioning system is not the right size it can create a cold and clammy feeling

    Remember, you may not need to replace you air conditioning system. The best way to find out is to get your system tuned up. Definitely schedule a tune up if you don’t know when you got your tuned up last. We perform an extensive tune up for many residents of the Tampa Bay area. We service Hillsborough, Pinellas, Pasco, Polk, Manatee and Sarasota counties. We would like to make you and your family more comfortable, save you money on your electric bill and extend the life of your air conditioning system.


  • How Can You Eliminate or Keep Mold From Growing in Your Home?

    Mold and mildew can be harmful if it is growing in your home. There is no real way to get rid of mold indoors, ultimately the way to control mold is to control moisture. Without moisture the mold or mildew cannot grow. Here are a few tips to help avoid mold and control moisture:

    • Find and fix the source of the water or leak to prevent the mold from growing
    • Quickly clean all water leaks and spills. Mold is less likely to grow if it is cleaned within 24-48 hours.
    • Clean mold and eliminate the source of moisture.
    • Make sure you regularly repair and clean roof gutters.
    • Water management is important. Keep rain water away from home.
    • Make sure that rain doesn’t collect around your home, it should drain away.
    • Check foundation. Make sure the ground is angled in a way where water can drain.
    • Make sure the humidity indoors is low. if you see any moisture on windows, pipes, walls etc., dry it and reduce water source. COndensation can mean high humidity.
    • Make sure all appliances that produce moisture are properly vented. Clothes dryers, stoves etc.
    • Keep AC drip pans and drain lines clean.
    • Use a dehumidifier if you need to.
    • Use fans when needed to increase ventilation and air movement. Only open doors and windows if its practical.
    • Run exhaust fan or open window when showering.
    • Cover cold surfaces like cold water pipes with insulation.

    These are just a few tips you can do to try and avoid mold or mildew growth in your home. You can schedule an appointment and have a licensed, trained professional come to your home and make sure there is no mold or mildew growing in your home. We can also inform you of other ways to help control moisture and avoid possible mold and mildew growth.


  • Familiar Problems With Air Conditioning Systems

    Just like servicing your car, your air conditioning system needs to be serviced too, just not as often as a vehicle. 93% of all breakdowns can be prevented by having routine maintenance done on your system. This will keep it running well and efficient. Below are a few of the most common problems people experience with their air conditioning system.

    • Inadequate maintenance- If your air conditioners coils and filters are dirty, the system will not perform right and may cause the compressor or fans to fail sooner than expected. Dirty filters are a common problem, this can be fixed easily by replacing the old one with a new filter. Changing filters regularly are important in keeping your drain lines clean. Filters that are dirty let dust and other particles in the system, all the particles will build up and can block that drainage system.
    • Drainage Difficulties- It can be very humid in Florida, this humidity can cause the drain to become clogged and not drain properly. Be sure to check the drain when the humidity level is high. Some drains may not drain properly if it is not mounted level. Clogged drains are one of the most common problems with an AC system. When your AC cools your home, it makes condensation. This moisture travels through a drainage system and that drain must not be clogged. If this does become clogged the water will fill up the drain pan and when it overflows it can damage your home. The drain must be properly placed to work correctly.
    • Electric Control Breakdown- The controls to the fan and the compressor can wear out, especially when your AC system turns on and off many times throughout the day. This also happens when your air conditioning system is too big for your home. Wires and terminals can also corrode, electrical connections should be analyzed.
    • Refrigerant Leaks- If your AC system has low refrigerant, it was not filled properly at installation or it has a leak. If your system has a refrigerant leak, adding refrigerant will not fix the problem. A trained professional should fix your leak, test and add the proper amount of refrigerant. Performance and efficiency will be at the highest level when the refrigerant is matched correctly will the manufacturer’s specifications. These leaks can be bad for the environment.

  • Tips To Help Control Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality

    Indoor Air Quality can be a difficult problem to solve. So, here are some tips to help control the harmful particles that may be circulating through your home.

    • Don’t Smoke Indoors – smoking is bad for your indoor air quality. Chemical pollutants and other harmful particles will be in the air you breathe.
    • When cooking, use your exhaust fan – the fan allows you to get rid of particulates that are created by cooking. This fan will help keep your air less polluted.
    • Wash bedsheets frequently – wash your sheets, blankets, pillows and pillowcases in water that is at least 140F degrees to get rid of dust mites.
    • Limit candles and air fresheners – Everyone loves the smell of their home while burning a nice candle, truth is they emit volatile organic compounds. Make sure you use sot or beeswax candles, they emit lower volatile organic compounds, they are more expensive but are worth it.
    • Make sure door between house and garage is sealed – a lot of people use their garage to store chemicals, weed eaters, lawnmowers, paint and other products. The fumes from these products can leak into your home and circulated throughout. If you have no other place to store them, make sure they are stored in a sealed container.
    • Use exhaust fan in bathroom-  people use the bathroom to get ready in the mornings, spraying hairspray, cologne, deodorant, perfumes and other products like this can emit particulates. Make sure the ventilation of the fan goes outside.
    • Limit flames – fireplaces and burning wood inside of stoves with cause indoor air pollution if ventilation is not set up correctly.
    • Use a doormat – The bottom of your shoes is one of the biggest carriers of particulates. A doormat will help cut it down. This will help control the amount of particulates that get into your home and will be beneficial for those with asthma and other allergies.
    • Use a high efficiency particulate air filter or central vacuum system – Getting all the dirt and dust from the carpet in your home is very important in maintaining the health of your home. Make sure you have a vacuum that will trap the dirt inside a container and not allow any to get out. You should buy a HEPA or whole home central vacuum.