• Why is my AC unit not cooling?

    Tampa AC Maintenance An HVAC air filter is an essential element for climate control in any home. It helps keep air quality pure and well ventilated. It also helps keep heating and air conditioning units’ air flow running properly. Filters are an easy thing to change and can dramatically improve the air quality in a house.

    It’s not always easy to remember to change an HVAC air filter. After all, it’s out of sight, out of mind, and there’s no official expiration date set for air filters. A good rule of thumb is to change an air filter whenever it gets dirty. How fast an air filter gets dirty will change based on a various factors. For example, how many people live in a home, if pets live in a home or how much dust is in a house can dramatically change how fast the air filter gets clogged up. The quality of the filter itself will also alter how long it can go before needing a change. Under no circumstances should an air filter go an entire year without being changed.

    Changing an air filter has several built-in benefits.

    The main purpose of the filter is to clean the air of airborne particles like pollutants, allergens and dust. Without these particles floating around, it’s easier to keep the house clean and it can help reduce allergic reactions to things like pet dander or pollen. Breathing clean air can help homeowners sleep better and reduce chances of getting sick.

    Having a freshly changed air filter can also have a big impact on the monthly bills. When the air filter is dirty it prevents smooth flowing air in the HVAC system. When there isn’t smooth airflow, the system has to work harder and takes more energy, which can result in an increase in gas and electric bills. In order to keep energy costs for a home down be sure to change the air filter every couple months.

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  • How can I keep my home cool?

    Tips On Keeping Your Home Cool

    Tampa AC Exercising ways in which to keep your home cooler is very efficient. The more efficient you are in cooling your home, the more money and energy you will save. The tips below provide tips on keeping your home cool.

    Wait until Evening: Running a clothes dryer, dishwasher, and oven can cause the home to heat up very quickly. Waiting until evening hours to run these appliances is always the best way to reduce the heat in your home.

    Use the Ceiling Fans: Ceiling fan usage is a great way to help keep your home cool. The fans circulate cool air from the air conditioning unit throughout the entire house. Using the ceiling fans will provide air flow and keep everyone comfortable inside the home.

    Efficient Air Conditioning: In order to keep the home cool, it is vital to purchase an air conditioning unit that is efficient enough to cool the home. Many people in today’s society select and purchase air conditioning units which are too small for the entire area which needs to be cooled. Strive to purchase the proper size and best model for your home.

    Shade: Every home needs some shade in order to keep cool. Window blinds are important to keep pulled. The warmth from the sunshine will be blocked whenever the blinds are closed. This will enable you to keep your home much cooler. Awnings are a great addition to any home. The awnings will also provide necessary shade for your home.

    Insulation: Properly insulating the home is very beneficial to keeping your home cool. The insulation provides closure from allowing the cool air to escape from the home. The importance of proper installation of the insulation will save much energy and money from leaving the the house.

    The ability to keep the home cool can become quite challenging. Following the tips above will assist you in your endeavor. A cooler home means being more efficient with money by being more efficient with energy.

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  • Signs Your AC Unit Needs Maintenance

    Tampa AC Repair Air conditioners can be life-savers; especially when the weather turns hot and humid. However, there are signs your AC may need maintenance such as when it stops cooling your home. You may notice that your AC is not blowing out cooling air at all or it may blowing out air that is not cool at all. It is important to note that if you notice any reduction in coolness, it should be taken care of as soon as possible. Often when this happens, the compressor may be the problem and this issue should be reported soon before a more serious problem occurs.

    Another sign that your AC needs maintenance is if you notice any odd smells coming from your vents or unit. These odors are often pungent and unpleasant. It is important to note that these odors mean that the wire insulation has burned out. Also, if you notice musty smells coming from your unit, it can be an indication of mold growing inside your unit. If you notice any musty smells, talk with an AC specialist, soon.

    Another indication that you’re AC needs attention is when damage occurs to vents. Damaged vents will cause you’re AC not to work properly. Often vents are damaged when they are bumped or if moisture has accumulated and is causing other problems.

    Keep in mind that if you have noticed a sudden increase in your utility bills, that may also be an indication that something is wrong with your AC. What this means is that your AC is not running as effectively and efficiently as it should.

    To conclude, air conditioners are wonderful and much needed but when they need repair, call an AC specialist, soon. He or she can examine and diagnose your AC and then give your AC the maintenance it needs.

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  • Steps To Picking The Right AC Technician

    Tampa AC Technician When the weather is hot and you are exhausted after a long day working or attending school, the last thing you need is to deal with is an air conditioner unit that makes strange noises and refuses to flow cool air into the home. Most take for granted that appliances will work as designed and are unprepared when they do not. It also seems that appliances, such as air conditioning units, break down at the worst possible times, after a long day or before a planned event with guests arriving.

    Finding Help: When the AC unit quits or doesn’t function properly, you need to know how to find an AC contractor who can get the AC unit up and running quickly, efficiently and without breaking the budget. Here are steps to take to find that AC contractor.

    Ask: At some point, everyone’s air conditioning unit needs repair or replacing. That means family members, friends, even co-workers have dealt with this problem. Ask for recommendations of local AC contractors that did the job on time and on budget. This can also eliminate those contractors with whom they were not satisfied.

    Check Listings: Look in the phone book, either print or online versions, for local AC contractors. Read the ads. Look for accreditation, licenses and certifications. From these, choose three and check out their websites. See how long they’ve been in business and whether they are a part of the community. What guarantees do they offer? Are they available 24/7?

    Read Reviews: Check out reviews of the companies you are considering. Since, these days, some reviews are faked or even added by competitors, read with a critical mind. Eliminate the worst and the overly “gushy” reviews. Focus in on those that have the ring of sincerity, whether positive or negative.

    Talk to the AC Company: Once you’ve narrowed down the list, call the company. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions. It is a good idea to write these down beforehand. Since you are looking for an AC company with whom to do business for the foreseeable future, look for a staff that is accessible, knowledgeable and friendly.

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