• How to Buy an Air Conditioner

    An air conditioner can keep your house cool and your utility bills low, but there are things to consider before you order an AC installation in Tampa . Choose a unit with the following features: an air filter, high energy efficiency ratio (EER), measuring tape, adequate British thermal units (BTUs), oscillating louvers, built-in timers, a digital display, touch-pad controls, a remote control, and a warranty.

    Determine what type of air conditioner would work best in your living space: a wall, window, portable, or room unit. Select a unit with an EER of 13 or more. Make sure the AC has an air filter; this will reduce allergens. Measure the square footage of your room to determine the needed BTUs. Once your AC installation is complete, perform routine AC maintenance and contact an AC repair company if any problems occur.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Repair Your HVAC System

    If the heater exchanger in your HVAC system breaks, it could unleash carbons throughout your house. Even in tiny doses, such gases can be harmful to family members and pets. To avoid these risks, have your system inspected annually by service people who perform HVAC repair in Tampa . Additionally, have a carbon detector placed near your furnace.

    Older Heaters Wear Down With Age
    Old furnaces burn more energy, pure and simple. For that reason alone, HVAC repairs become more crucial as system ages. The other option, of course, is replacement, and while you might

    Repair HVAC System

    baulk at the thought of investing in a new, high-efficiency furnace, the purchase could pay off in the end. Homeowners often find that the money spent on a newer system is earned back in savings on subsequent energy bills. Even if you don’t wish to invest in a brand new heating system, it’s still wise to have a furnace tune-up performed once each year.

    HVAC Repair People Can Give You Good Advice
    An HVAC repair person might have plenty of recommendations that could ultimately make your home more comfortable throughout the seasons. Whether you need humidifiers, air filters, or adjustments to your ductwork, a professional could offer a whole host of beneficial things for you to consider. The more time that passes without maintenance on your system, the longer you’ll go without knowing what you’re missing.

    Furnaces Get More Expensive as Time Goes On
    Inflation factors into everything over time, including furnaces. With each passing year that you wait to repair your furnace, the more money you might have to spend on a new one. If you wait too long and your system fails, you might have to budget a new one on haste, regardless of whether you’re prepared for such a purchase. By contrast, you could save money if you time your purchase for when things are on sale. Keeping an eye out for coupons and rebates can also help ease any apprehension you might have on plunking down on a new HVAC system.

  • Signs Your Ducts Need Attention

    It’s best to contact a company that can do HVAC repair in Tampa when your heater fails to warm your house. Generally, this indicates a problem with your ducts, which makes HVAC repair necessary. Strange noises from your ducts could also indicate the need for a heater repair service. Otherwise, your ducts might fail, which would make your home uncomfortable and shoot up your energy costs.

    In order to tell if there’s a problem with your ducts, pay attention for holes, noises, odd smells, and fitting problems. When holes appear in ducts, heated air is lost before it reaches its intended destination. Un-insulated ducts in your attic or crawl space could be another problem because these will cause air to cool before it hits your living areas. When ducts make noise, it usually indicates that leaks or holes have taken their toll. If one particular room never seems to heat, it could be due to a faulty installation, in which case retrofitting may be in order. If any of these problems have compromised your system, it’s time to contact an HVAC repair company for a furnace tune-up.

    HVAC Repair Company For Furnace Tune-Up.

  • Boosting Your A/C Efficiency

    From the middle of spring to the early weeks of fall, an air conditioner is essential to the comfort of your living quarters. As daily usage wears down your unit, you could find yourself in need of AC repair in Tampa . However, the following AC maintenance tips can help ensure longer life and better performance from your unit.

    Keep the Air Filters Clean
    When an air filter gets clogged, the system is forced to exert more energy just to operate. During the hottest months of the year, your filter should be replaced every 30 days. When the weather is

    AC Repairs in Tampa

    cooler, it’s still wise to inspect the filter every four weeks. For a professional opinion on your air filters, an AC repair person should examine your system every 12 months.

    Check for Leaky Ducts
    AC problems are often due to leaky ducts, which cause air to slip from the system before it reaches your living space; this in turn forces your system to work harder. To test the ducts for leaks, hold a lit candle near an exposed duct, and see if the flame gets blown out. Leaky ducts can be patched with duct tape. If the problem is obviously out of hand, contact an AC repair company to have the ducts professionally repaired.

    Have the Ducts Cleaned
    Dirt deposits on your unit and ducts can slow the entire system, so clean them off once each month. Deposits of dirt will make it hard for your system to suck in air; they’ll also wear down the internal mechanisms as the months persist. Every year or so, contact an AC maintenance company for a professional cleaning. The best time to have this done is in the early spring, right before your next major usage. To ensure that your house stays cool in the summer, the AC repair person will look over your system and perform any needed fixes.