The 411 on Routine A/C Maintenance [INFOGRAPHIC]

When temperatures soar, having an A/C that doesn’t function properly is a disaster. You can avoid an A/C meltdown by having regular A/C maintenance to keep your system in good shape. Routine maintenance is a multi-step process that ensures your A/C is functioning as efficiently as possible. During maintenance, your A/C pro will check your thermostat, clean your system, and lubricate all the moving parts, among other duties. Any necessary air conditioner repair may be made during the maintenance appointment as well, so that you don’t have to deal with A/C repair when you need the system the most. Learn more about A/C tune-up services in this infographic from Air Rescue A/C , an A/C repair company in Tampa. Contact us before the summer heat hits to get the routine maintenance your system needs, and share this information with your friends and neighbors so they too can avoid an air conditioning issue.

Air Conditioning Infographic

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