Keep Your AC Functional with These Maintenance Tips

AC maintenance tips

The warmer months of the year make for the worst time to need air conditioner repair in Tampa, so it helps to stay up to date on your maintenance and keep your unit in working order. Fortunately, air conditioning maintenance can be a simple task that does not take much time at all, and it can prevent you from needing emergency repairs during the summer. Read on if you would like to pick up a few maintenance tips for keeping your air conditioner functional.

Change Your Filters
Your air conditioning unit relies on clean air filters to prevent dust, dirt, and other debris from circulating through your household via your vents. However, these air filters will eventually become clogged after collecting a certain amount of debris. When this occurs, your air conditioner will have to work harder to force air through the dirty, clogged air filter, which means its efficiency will drop. This drop in efficiency will be reflected in your increased Change AC Filters energy bills, and it can cause your air conditioner to malfunction or break down entirely. You can easily prevent this from occurring by regularly changing your air conditioner’s air filters . This simple task will keep your energy bills low and your unit in working order.

Check Your Coils
Air filters are not the only components of air conditioning units that are susceptible to the buildup of dirt and dust; evaporator and condenser coils are vulnerable as well. These elements will not reach its capacity for dust as quickly as filters, however, and thus they do not need to be addressed as frequently. You should, however, check and clean your air conditioner coils on a yearly basis to ensure that it continues to function properly.

Provide Routine Inspections
As handy as you may be, there is no substitute for a professional inspection when it comes to air conditioning units. It is wise to have a qualified technician take a look at your unit once each heating and cooling season to make sure that it is working properly and not suffering from leaks, lack of refrigerant, or other complications.

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