Air Rescue In The Community

At Air Rescue , we are committed to providing high-quality air conditioner repairs in Tampa, but that is not our only concern. We are also dedicated to helping our home community in any way we can. Since we specialize in air conditioning, we make our contributions to society through excellent air conditioning replacement and repair. We are also proud to make a practice of identifying those in need and offering our services in order to help them. Here is a brief look at Air Rescue in the community.

Unfortunately we do not live in a perfect world and in many cases, those who need our services the most are the ones who cannot afford them. This is why we have created the Calvin Foster Program. Air Rescue had the pleasure of meeting Calvin Foster and his wife Barbara last year, and upon learning about Mr. Foster’s terminal lung cancer we decided to do what was right. We completely revitalized their air conditioning system and now provide them with free air conditioning services for life. Air Rescue aims to continue this type of community service by allowing individuals to nominate families in need to take part in the Calvin Foster Program.

Air Conditioning Replacement and Repair in Tampa

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