Creating a Seasonal Checklist for Your HVAC System

HVAC spring maintenance 

Regular maintenance of your home’s HVAC system increases the efficiency of your system and helps to avoid inconvenient HVAC repairs in Tampa . While it is best to hire a trusted HVAC company to perform major servicing, it is also important to know what needs to be done and when. This article will highlight what tasks need to be done seasonally, both in the spring and fall, to keep your HVAC system in tiptop shape.

Spring Maintenance
Springtime marks the beginning of warmer temperatures, which means your air conditioner should be in prime condition to keep your home cool throughout the summer. Even though it should be part of your regular servicing,

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now is a good time to change the air filters. Ideally, they should be changed every 90 days to keep dust and other allergens out of your circulated air, but it is a good idea to change air filters during any major servicing. Checking the thermostat settings to ensure that your HVAC system is heating and cooling properly will ensure maximum cooling efficiency during warmer months. Cleaning out and inspecting all the cooling components, including all the fans and coils, will help guarantee smooth movement. During spring servicing, an HVAC technician will check refrigerant levels, as refrigerant is essential to cooling functions. Before the summer months begin, turn off the water to the furnace humidifier, as it will not be needed.

Fall Maintenance
During fall seasonal maintenance of a HVAC system, many of the same tasks performed during the spring will be done again. This includes checking the thermostat levels, checking the electrical components, cleaning all the parts, and changing the air filter. To prepare for cooler temperatures, a HVAC technician will focus on the heating elements of your system by checking for leaks in the heat exchanger and inspecting any gas connections. To prepare for any heating that will be needed, replace the filter for the furnace and turn the water back on.

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