The Benefits of Split Air Conditioners

Benefits of Split Air Conditioners

Central air conditioning systems can be found in residential and commercial buildings, and require a network of ducts to move air throughout a large, enclosed space. Mini-split systems are great alternatives to central air ones—they’re smaller, compact, and ductless.

These units can be mounted high on walls or closer to the ground, and are ideal for small spaces or for use in only one room of a home. If you’re interested in having a mini-split air conditioner installed in your home or office, contact a reputable AC contractor serving St. Petersburg.

Ductless mini-split air conditioners offer many advantages when compared to standard central air conditioning systems. For one, mini-splits can be easily installed in most places, since walls don’t need to be cut and removed to add bulky ductwork. These systems are meant to cool smaller spaces, such as an individual room of a house, and can be operated independently. This means that if you have multiple units in your home, you don’t have to turn them all on in order to cool down one room. Therefore, mini-splits are highly energy-efficient. Split air conditioning system

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