Creating an HVAC Maintenance Checklist for Your Home

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If you find yourself frequently calling for HVAC repair in Tampa, you might not be maintaining your heating and air appliances properly. Fortunately, an HVAC maintenance checklist can help you stay on track and keep your units in top shape. It always helps to work with a professional service to ensure that nothing is overlooked, and your pro will know how often to inspect each aspect of your HVAC system. Keep reading if you are interested in creating an HVAC maintenance checklist for your home. HVAC technician working

Hiring an HVAC Company

Changing air filters and checking on air conditioning units do not sound like the toughest jobs, leading many homeowners to try taking on HVAC maintenance on their own. Unfortunately, even handy homeowners will not be able to provide the same quality maintenance as trained specialists. If you want to keep your HVAC units in top shape for as long as possible, it is wise to keep a maintenance schedule with your local HVAC company. Professionals will be able to identify minor problems before they become severe, and they can help you keep your energy bills low; they also know exactly how often to inspect each of your units. Always work with an experienced HVAC company that you know you can trust for optimal results.

Monthly and Seasonal Maintenance

Certain HVAC units do not need to be checked on very often and can get by with inspections as infrequent as a few times a year. Your furnace humidifier should stop receiving water once the summer rolls around and you don’t need your heat. During the fall, however, the humidifier filter should be replaced. Refrigerant lines warrant monthly inspection, and air filters should be inspected and replaced every three months or so.

Annual Inspections

Some of your HVAC appliances and fixtures only need inspecting once per year . Be sure to check on your air conditioner unit on an annual basis to make sure the ground underneath it is solid, level, and clear. You should also get a new battery for your carbon monoxide detector each year to keep your family as safe as possible.

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