• Should You Repair or Replace Your Ducts?

    If the ducts in your HVAC system are having a negative impact on the air quality inside of your home or leaking and causing your energy bills to skyrocket, you might be thinking about repairing or replacing them. Before you do, you should do your homework to make sure that you don’t give up on ducts that can be cleaned or clean ducts that should be replaced. A company that specializes in HVAC repair in Tampa will be able to help you regardless of which decision you make. Here are some tips to help make that decision easier.

    Replace AC

    Repair ducts that contain dirt, dust, and other debris in them.

    Are the ducts in your home affecting your indoor air quality and causing allergic reactions in those in your family? You can change that by having air duct cleaning done. As long as your ducts are metal and don’t have a lining inside of them, they can be cleaned easily and restored to their original condition.

    Replace ducts that have extensive mold growth in them.

    While you can safely clean a small amount of mold from ducts, you shouldn’t attempt to clean ducts if they contain excessive mold growth. Often times, an HVAC company won’t be able to completely clean the mold off of your ducts, and you may face serious health risks as a result of it.

    Repair ducts that have small leaks in them.

    Small leaks in your ducts can force your HVAC system to work harder to heat and cool your home. By repairing these leaks, you can make your HVAC system more efficient and keep your home more comfortable than it is now.

    Replace ducts that have collapsed completely.

    Collapsed ducts in your HVAC system will reduce the airflow throughout your home and make it impossible for your system to keep up with your heating and cooling demands. You should replace ducts that are damaged beyond repair so that you can start heating and cooling your home more effectively.

  • Why You Should Consider an HVAC Tune-Up

    Even if it doesn’t seem like there’s anything wrong with your HVAC system, there are probably parts of it that aren’t running as efficiently as they should. By having an HVAC tune-up done, you can improve the efficiency of your HVAC system, cut down on your energy costs, and prevent major problems in the future. Air Rescue Air Conditioning can perform a furnace and AC tune-up in St. Petersburg and bring your HVAC system back to life.

    We provide our customers with a Total System Rejuvenation service that was developed by a former U.S. Air Force mechanic and licensed engineer. This service takes about two hours to complete and will do wonders for your HVAC system. We will check every single aspect of your HVAC system, sanitize it, and provide you with a six-month guarantee against any kind of HVAC breakdown. Our goal is to improve both your heating and air and to ensure that your HVAC system stays up and running for the foreseeable future. When you call on Air Rescue Air Conditioning for heating and air conditioning service in Sarasota, you will be impressed by our attention to detail and our unique Total System Rejuvenation service.


  • Changing Your AC Filter

    To keep your air conditioner running efficiently, one of the most important things that you will need to do is change your AC filter on a regular basis. In general, you should change it at least once every few months, and you should change it more often than that if you use your AC unit everyday. Watch this video to see how you can do air conditioning maintenance in Tampa on your own by replacing your AC filter.

    Your AC filter is an essential part of your air conditioner because it is responsible for filtering dirt, dust, and other debris out of your air. When you run your AC, the air in your home will circulate through your unit several times throughout the course of a day, and your filter will keep that air clean. By replacing your AC filter, you can help maintain your heating and air conditioning systems.

  • How to Avoid an Air Conditioner Meltdown This Summer

    The last thing you want to deal with this summer is a broken air conditioner in the middle of a heat wave. To prevent this scenario from playing out, you should take the proper precautions and prepare your air conditioner for the warmer months. By being proactive about it, you can avoid having to call for AC system repair in Tampa and keep your home cool at all times this summer. Here are some tips for caring for your AC unit.

    AC system repair

    Complete Air Conditioner Maintenance in the Spring

    Every spring, you should have a heating and cooling company come to your home to perform air conditioner maintenance for you. In most cases, they won’t have to make any major repairs to your unit, but they will be able to inspect it to see if there is anything they can do to help it run more efficiently. At the very least, they will be able to clean dirt and debris out of your air conditioner and perform routine air conditioning service so that your AC unit is ready once it starts to get hot outside.

    Make Any Necessary Repairs to Your Air Conditioner Right Away

    Is there something wrong with your AC unit right now? If so, you should have air conditioning repair done to fix it. Your AC unit may still be running, but it will not cool your home as effectively as it should if there is something wrong with it. By having air conditioning repair done immediately, you can prevent a small problem within your unit from getting worse.

    Form a Relationship With a Company That Offers 24 Hour AC Repair

    Even if you do the proper maintenance to your air conditioner and make repairs right away, there’s still a chance that you could face emergency repairs in the middle of the summer. Rather than scrambling to find a heating and cooling company to help you at the last minute, make sure you have a good relationship with a company that offers 24 hour AC repair. You will be prepared in the event of an unexpected problem.