• Tips for Choosing the Right Air Conditioner

    There are a lot of factors when choosing your next air conditioning installation in Tampa. You have to think about financial benefits each unit can bring you in the form of energy efficiency, but you also need to know it can get the job done when air conditioning your home. Here are a few tips to get you started.


    Determine Your Square Footage

    Before you even start to look at air conditioner brands or different ratings, you should know the square footage of your home. Keep in mind that you should only get the measurements for the areas you want cooled. For example, you should not include the garage or an attached shop area, unless they have been converted to include cooling. After you have you found the square footage of your home, then you can start looking at various ratings, which include British Thermal Units (BTUs) and Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER).

    Find the Correct Cooling Capacity

    With the square footage, you can now look to the cooling capacity of various air conditioner units. Cooling capacity is measured by BTUs, and it measures a system’s ability to remove heat from the area. As air conditioners remove hot air, they are leaving cool air in its place. The amounts of BTUs a unit has will determine how big of a space it can cool. For example, a small house measured at 1,200 sq. ft. will need a unit with 21,000 BTUs. A large home at 2,500 sq. ft. will need a unit with 34,000 BTUs.

    Consider the Unit’s Energy Efficiency

    Whether you are replacing a faulty air conditioner or simply upgrading, you should always be looking for the energy efficient models. The United States Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Department of Energy have the SEER, or EER, rating on every air conditioner available. This rating system states how efficient the unit is based on its cooling capacity. When looking for a new unit, you want a high SEER number. The higher the number is, the more potential you have to save on future energy bills.

  • Proper Air Conditioner Maintenance

    Professional air conditioning maintenance in Tampa should be done at least once a year. This means a licensed and experienced heating and cooling company will come out to clean and inspect your air conditioner.

    As you watch the video, you may be surprised to find out that every year your air conditioner goes without a professional tune-up, it can lose up to 5% of its efficiency. This means you are losing money every year you go without air conditioning service. The best ways to service and maintain your air conditioner are with professional inspections and cleanings. You should also change your air filters every time they are dirty. Depending on your usage, you may need to change the filters every month. This will keep your indoor air quality high and clean while your air conditioner is running.

  • The Benefits of Aeroseal

    Have you been running your air conditioner, but there are distinct rooms and areas of your house that never seem to cool down? You may need to look at how well your air ducts are holding up. They could be leaking cool air, and you may not even know it unless your AC contractor serving Tampa comes out for air duct cleaning. Thankfully, there is a great new sealant known as Aeroseal that can solve your problem efficiently.

    Aeroseal is a type of mist that will seal any leaky air ducts from the inside. Once your air ducts are cleaned and sealed, you may notice a vast change in your air conditioning. Temperatures throughout the house should even out because air is not escaping elsewhere. You should also notice better savings when you get your energy bill, because you will not be losing cold air in your ductwork. Since your air conditioning unit should not have to work as hard anymore, your energy use will reduce, thus helping the environment and saving you money.


  • Signs Your Air Conditioner Is About to Fail

    Summer has finally begun, and that means it is getting hot outside. With the excess heat and humidity, you may have already turned on your air conditioner to cool down your home. As you use your air conditioning for the first time in months, you may be in need of some air conditioner repairs in Tampa , St. Petersburg, and Sarasota. Here are some key signs you may be in need of some air conditioner repairs or a new unit.


    The Air Does Not Feel Right

    Most likely, you are going to notice when the air coming out of your air conditioner is not cool, or it may actually feel warm or hot. These are clear signs you should be looking into repairs or even a new air conditioning unit. In addition to the temperature of the airflow, you should also be aware when the flow itself is poor or the air has an odor. If the airflow feels weak, or has stopped altogether, then you are probably looking at a failing compressor. If you smell something odd in the air coming out, then you might have burning insulation or mold in the unit or ductwork.

    There Are Loud Noises

    When you turn on your air conditioner, you are bound to hear some noise as the unit starts up and air begins to flow. However, loud noises like grinding, squealing, or clanking should not be ignored. You may have a loose belt, broken motor bearing, or a component needs to be lubricated. In most cases, these noises can be an indication that you will need a completely new unit. Consult your air conditioning service company on what is reparable and what needs to be replaced.

    The Unit Leaks or Has Excess Moisture

    It is normal for an air conditioner to experience condensation, especially when the air is very humid. It is not normal, however, for excess moisture or leaks to occur around the air conditioning unit. Sometimes, these leaks contain refrigerant, which can be harmful to your family’s and your pets’ health. Any possible leaks should be given professional attention right away.