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An Experienced HVAC Contractor for Installation, Repair, and Maintenance

In the generally warm climate of Tampa, the comfort of your home is an invaluable asset. New HVAC systems may be designed to modern efficiency standards, but they’ll only hold up to the manufacturer’s promise if they’re continuously maintained.

Any blockages, leaks, or faulty components or connections in the system can not only reduce function and comfort, but create hazards such as poor indoor air quality, fires, or explosions. It’s not just the ideal temperature at stake.

Do You Need AC Repair?

The signs air conditioning, duct, or furnace and heating repair are needed are often revealed in very noticeable ways. However, there may not be obvious symptoms. An increase in the monthly energy bills can mean something is awry. New AC installation or air duct maintenance may bring the costs down to a manageable level.

There are many functional signs of a problem. The system may turn on a lot, but your house doesn’t seem as cool or warm as much as it should. This is a good reason to seek an HVAC contractor to conduct an inspection. Squealing, popping, scraping, and other unusual sounds can indicate a broken AC or that you desperately need heating maintenance.

If you need professional HVAC services in Tampa, Air Rescue is here to diagnose the problem; determine if HVAC repair or replacement, or air duct sealing, is necessary; and to find the best solution. We work with the unique needs of your home, budget, and situation, not to mention offer 100% satisfaction-guaranteed service before, during, and after any job.

Air Rescue: The Tampa HVAC Company You Can Count On

Our air conditioning company can keep your home comfortable year-round. Residents in Tampa, FL can count on us for:

  • AC installation
  • AC repair and replacement
  • Air duct repair, inspection, and maintenance
  • New air duct installation
  • HVAC system cleaning
  • Air filter replacement
  • HVAC tune-ups
  • Furnace repair and replacement
  • Emergency service

We also provide:

HVAC Total System Rejuvenation:

Air Rescue’s technicians take under two hours to evaluate the status of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system in Tampa. In the process, an EPA-registered sanitizer is used, and we’ll supply up to two pounds of replacement refrigerant. Don’t worry about breakdowns—a six-month guarantee is provided with each service call.

technician wiring hvac unit

Aeroseal® Duct Sealing:

In addition to expert duct installers, Air Rescue applies a proven technology to seal/insulate ducts to ensure comfort and optimal temperature control, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. Air duct repair and sealing can eliminate fumes, dust, and pollutants from your home. Also, properly sealed ducts can increase efficiency by up to 20%.

Heating Repair in Tampa, FL:

Furnaces naturally lose efficiency over time. If you hear a noise, see a yellow flame rather than blue, or know it is over 15 years since you bought a new furnace, it’s time to call an HVAC contractor. Repair professionals conduct a thorough inspection of air filters, burners, electrical components, and moving parts. They’re trained to clean the system and perform any heating maintenance or replacements necessary.

Air Rescue is ready to provide a system tune-up, professional maintenance, a new furnace, and ducts, or AC installation within your budget.

Call 1-813-375-9982 today for prompt HVAC services in Tampa, FL or to make an appointment.

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