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Community Involvement

You may not think of an air conditioning business as a likely leader in community involvement, but that’s exactly what Air Rescue is. We care about everyone in the Tampa area, and we believe nobody should have to suffer in the extreme heat. Having a properly functioning air conditioning unit is essential to your overall health and happiness.

Variety of Services

Sometimes air conditioning units do break down and need fixing. That’s where we come in. From air conditioning repair and installation to duct repair, total system rejuvenation, furnace replacement, and more, our team of experts can help you feel comfortable in your own home again. Though many don’t realize it, air conditioning is in large part what has propelled our society forward. Without a comfortable and cool environment, it’s nearly impossible to create, think, and be productive.

At Air Rescue, we realize that community leadership and involvement doesn’t have to be something that makes the newspapers. Rather, it’s the simple things that matter, such as providing a safe, clean, and healthy living environment. Our wide range of air conditioning repair services will have you sleeping better, feeling better, and being a better you. Who wouldn’t want that?

Our service is efficient and our staff is beyond helpful. We go out of our way to respect your space while getting you long-lasting results. We realize that having people in your home can be uncomfortable, which is why respect and clear communication are our most important values. We strive to make a lasting impression!

Put Your Health First

Give Air Rescue a call today for experienced air conditioning installation and furnace repair. We are proud to serve the Tampa and the Largo areas. We have been providing high-quality HVAC repair since 1946. Florida summers aren’t going away, and neither is our commitment to our community. A happy, cool and clean living environment couldn’t be more important to your overall health and happiness. At Air Rescue, we can help get you on your way to a new you. Isn’t it time you start thriving, and not just surviving? Call today to learn more!

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