A/C Installation

Installing a new A/C in your home has an up-front cost, but you’ll find that new air conditioning systems will save you money every month, as well as improve your quality of life. Especially if your A/C system is more than ten years old, calling an HVAC contractor to schedule the installation of an A/C replacement is both smart and cost-effective.

Newer A/C systems have a wide range of benefits and advantages over their older counterparts, and now is a great time to install a new A/C and begin getting the maximum relief from the humid, hot summer temperatures.

AC Installation

The Benefits of a New A/C

Air conditioners use a pretty large portion of a home’s energy bills. That’s why it’s of critical importance to make smart decisions about your A/C unit. A new A/C will be drastically more efficient and effective than older, less advanced models. This can result in savings of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the A/C unit, meaning installing a new unit to replace an old one will more than pay for itself in as little as a few years.

Newer A/C units also have longer lifespans due to less cycling on and off, operate more quietly, are better for the environment, and provide more consistent cooling and heating, keeping temperatures more stable throughout the day. A new, high-efficiency A/C unit will also increase the worth and resale value of your home, which can help with refinancing a mortgage or even enable you to sell your home faster should you so choose.


The first step in selecting a new air conditioner for your home is calculating the size of the home and determining the cooling load. This allows for the selection of a properly sized A/C. An AC too small will not adequately cool the interior of the home and will offer poor performance while increasing power bills due to always being on. An A/C too large will never properly dehumidify the house and will cycle on and off continuously, drastically reducing the lifespan of the components.

Airflow and Refrigerant

Examine Ductwork

The next step before installing your new A/C unit is making sure that the ducting running through your house is sealed up and in good repair. If your ducts leak, then you’ll be losing energy and cooling that would otherwise be going into the living spaces of the house.

A reputable and professional air conditioning contractor will make sure that the installation of your new A/C unit includes inspection and shoring up of your ducts, with the use of either sealant or metal-backed tape.

Airflow and Refrigerant

In addition to making sure the unit is properly sized, adjusting the airflow rate to the manufacturer-specified setting is a crucial part of making sure it cools the interior of your home properly. Too low, and not enough cooled air will move into your home. The refrigerant also needs to be filled to manufacturer specifications. Too little refrigerant will result in poor cooling capacity and increased energy costs.

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