A/C Installation FAQs Answered in Tampa Bay, FL

No matter how well you care for your A/C system, at some point, it will reach the end of its lifecycle. When it does, it’s time to start shopping for a new unit. Here at Air Rescue, we’ve taken some of the guesswork out of A/C installation by providing a list of frequently asked questions.

How much does A/C installation cost?

Air Rescue understands that everyone’s on a tight budget these days, and the upfront cost is first and foremost on your mind when considering installing a new A/C. Your cost depends on a few factors, such as the size of your home, what materials it was built from, and the quality of your current insulation and ductwork. However, upgrading your A/C system will usually result in cost savings down the line and improve your quality of life from the minute you turn it on. If your present A/C unit is more than 10 years old or showing signs of breaking down, call Air Rescue in Tampa Bay, FL, today!

What is included in the typical A/C installation service?

When you contract Air Rescue to handle your A/C installation, we begin by calculating the size of the home and determining the cooling load. This enables us to select the properly sized A/C unit for your home. An A/C unit that’s too small won’t efficiently or adequately cool the interior of your home, which will leave you sweating while increasing power bills because it’s working too hard. Similarly, an A/C unit that’s bigger than what you need will never completely dehumidify your home and will cycle on and off continuously, which places wear on the components and reduces its working life. Air Rescue will help you choose the A/C unit that’s just right for your Tampa Bay, FL, home.

The next area that A/C service professionals inspect is your ductwork. We want to ensure the ducting running through your house is sealed and in good repair. After all, leaky ducts equal lost energy and that means lost money, not to mention being uncomfortable during the hottest months of the year. If your ductwork has a few holes, cracks, or other areas where cool air might escape, your Air Rescue A/C technician will close them up with either sealant or metal-backed tape.

After selecting the properly sized A/C unit for your home and installing it, your Air Rescue technicians will install new A/C lines, adjust the airflow rate, and fill the refrigerant to the manufacturer-specified setting. This is an integral part of ensuring your new unit cools the interior of your home properly. If the air flow rate is too low, not enough cooled air will move into your home. Too little refrigerant will also result in poor cooling performance and increased energy costs—the ultimate lose-lose situation.

My air conditioner works fine; why should I pay for a new one?

If you live in Tampa, FL, you want an A/C unit that gives you the best cooling performance for the least amount of money. Your air conditioner is going to use a pretty large portion of your home’s energy bills, so it’s of critical importance to make smart decisions about which A/C unit you choose.

Modern advances in HVAC technology have resulted in A/C units being drastically more efficient and effective than older, less advanced models. Swapping out a unit that’s 10 years old or older for a newer, more energy-efficient model can result in savings of thousands of dollars over the lifetime of the A/C unit, meaning your brand-new A/C unit will more than pay for itself in as little as a few years!

Newer A/C units also last longer. Because they cycle on and off less often, operate more quietly, and provide more consistent cooling performance, your new A/C unit will keep temperatures more stable throughout the day. A newer, energy-efficient A/C unit also has the ability to increase the worth and resale value of your home, which can come in handy when you want to refinance a mortgage. If you do choose to sell your home in the future, an energy-efficient, eco-friendly A/C unit is a plus point for potential buyers.

The benefits of installing a new A/C are virtually endless. Call Air Rescue today to get started!

What kind of experience should an A/C installation technician have?

The A/C installation professionals you choose for your next project should, at the very least, have:

  • A high school diploma or GED
  • Completion of an accredited HVAC apprenticeship program or an associate’s degree
  • An aptitude for math, science, and mechanics
  • Proper training in handling and disposal of refrigerants

When you choose to work with Air Rescue, you’ll work with a team that consists of 75 expertly trained and licensed technicians who can handle any HVAC system challenge quickly and efficiently. Our service and pricing guarantees ensure we always arrive on time, offer you the competitive price in the industry, and leave you 100% satisfied. What’s more, you’ll enjoy:

  • Free second opinions on system replacement
  • Free life expectancy checkups
  • Systems that work within +/- 2 degrees
  • Guaranteed cleanliness
  • Emergency customer support
  • Priority service through Club Membership
  • Unmatched peace of mind

Call Air Rescue in Tampa Bay, FL, and let us become your HVAC and A/C installation specialists for life.

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