A/C Tune-Ups in Tampa Bay, FL

If you can’t remember the last time you had your HVAC system tuned up, call the experienced technicians at Air Rescue. Regular preventative maintenance of your A/C and furnace will not only keep them working for years, but it will also keep them working at peak efficiency, which means savings on your utility bills. Call our team in Tampa Bay, FL, to schedule a total system rejuvenation.

Below we’ve compiled a list of questions we most often hear from our customers.

How often should I give my A/C and furnace a tune-up?

Having your system inspected and serviced once a year is recommended, and ideally should happen before you get ready to work your system the hardest. In Tampa Bay, FL, that means in the early spring, before it really starts to heat up in earnest. During the same appointment, we’ll make sure your furnace is ready to roll in the fall.

What happens during the typical A/C tune-up?

When an Air Rescue HVAC technician is called to perform an A/C tune-up, he or she will begin by clearing the condenser fan of accumulated dust and oiling the fan motor. The condenser coils and fins will be cleaned next with soap and water. If any fins are discovered to be bent, the tech will straighten them. They will then check your refrigerant and determine if it should be replaced. If so, they will safely remove and recycle the old refrigerant. Next, they’ll examine your air filter. If it’s slightly dirty but still usable, they’ll clean it. If it’s damaged or extremely dirty, they’ll replace it. Finally, your air ducts will be vacuumed and your fuses, breakers, thermostat, and other electrical components will be checked to ensure a trouble-free operation of your system.

How long does an A/C or furnace tune-up take?

Most AC or furnace tune-ups take between an hour to two hours if your refrigerant needs to be replaced.

How much does it cost to service my air conditioner or a gas furnace?

As any other service Air Rescue provides, it can vary. Factors such as how old your unit is, how long it’s been since it was last serviced, or whether you’ve noticed any problems can affect the cost of your tune-up. However, one thing remains constant: What we quote is what you pay, always.

What’s the difference between a standard system tune-up and Air Rescue’s total system rejuvenation?

Our total system rejuvenation service is the most comprehensive evaluation you can find for your residential climate control system. This method, which was developed by a former U.S. Air Force mechanic and a licensed, mechanical engineer, gives you a complete diagnostic check on your entire air conditioning and heating system in less than two hours. This is the best way to determine if your unit requires any additional service, such as air conditioning repair or duct replacement. Your total system rejuvenation also includes:

  • Complete sanitization of your entire HVAC system with an EPA-registered sanitizer
  • Up to two pounds of refrigerant if you’re low on Freon
  • A six-month, system-wide guarantee against breakdowns

How can regular HVAC system maintenance improve my air quality?

HVAC systems perform their desired function by channeling heated or cooled air into your home. When their individual components are dirty, the air you breathe is dirty, too! Getting the blowers on your gas furnace regularly cleaned or having your air conditioner tuned up every spring will keep the air in your home smelling clean and fresh by removing all traces of dirt, allergens, and germs. Call Air Rescue in Tampa Bay, FL, today, and breathe easier tomorrow.

How long will my HVAC system last with regular service, including total system rejuvenation?

Most modern air conditioners, properly sized to the home they must cool, should last 12 to 15 years. With annual inspections and tune-ups from Air Rescue, you can feasibly add a few years onto the life of your unit and save money on your utility bills while doing so. Our expert installation technicians will thoroughly examine your system and discuss all the available options with you. We understand that everyone’s home is different, and people have different preferences when it comes to heating and cooling. At Air Rescue, we’ve made a name for ourselves by staffing technicians who are not only highly skilled but who are also always willing to go the extra mile to see that you’re 100% satisfied.

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