Professional HVAC Services in Largo, FL

When you need HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance, you want it done by someone with experience. With Air Rescue Air Conditioning, that’s just what you get. Since 1946, we have been the HVAC contractor of choice in the Largo, FL, area, built on the latest technology and expertise in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Whether it’s ACs, furnaces and heating systems, and ducts, our services are full in scope to meet your needs.

Your Choice for HVAC Repair

All AC Repair Is Backed by Our Risk-Free Guarantee

That’s how confident we are. Repairs within 12 months of service are free if they’re needed. Our certified technicians have a nearly perfect track record. No matter what the cause of a malfunction is, they can identify the problem and fix your AC.

Is your air conditioner working intermittently, making noise, or not cooling your home? We’ll pay a visit and determine why the problem is occurring. Our Largo, FL HVAC maintenance specialists are equipped to repair leaks, thermostats, heat pumps, refrigerant problems, compressors, and coils.

Professional Installation Is Safe

AC installation is dangerous for anyone who isn’t experienced. Leaving the job to a professional in Largo avoids injury to yourself and damage to the unit or your home. Plus, our technicians know how to install the system so it is most efficient. They set up and connect it per the correct specifications, reducing the potential for a malfunction.

Leading Air Duct Repair in Largo, FL

Air duct issues impact the operating costs of your HVAC system, not to mention indoor air quality. Leaky ducts cause heated and cooled air to be lost, raising utility bills. They strain the system as well, increasing the risk of breakdowns. The risk of pulling in dirty air, dust, and contaminants is high, as is that of harming the furnace filter and your health.

Air Rescue in Largo offers two major options when upgrading the system:

Air Duct Cleaning: Air duct sealing and other repairs aren’t always needed. Our technicians are thorough at removing dust, mold, and other kinds of build-up inside ducts. Often this is all that’s needed to restore clean airflow and efficiency.

Air Duct Replacement: Duct installers will professionally replace ductwork if it has collapsed, is significantly contaminated, and is improperly designed. You can, therefore, depend on our Largo, FL, HVAC company to address all AC and duct issues to maximize system efficiency.

The Go-To Furnace Professionals in Largo, FL

If your home is cooler than it should be or you have a high heating bill, we’ll come in and inspect the unit for leaks, blockages, burner issues, and electrical and mechanical problems. Furnaces are more likely to be neglected in Florida, but you don’t want to be stuck without one.

The flame may be yellow instead of blue, or the unit may make banging noises or squeaks or squeals. Our Largo technicians conduct various tests and make repairs immediately or order parts right away. Whether you need a furnace repair or replacement, we guarantee 100% satisfaction!

Reduce the need for repairs with our AC maintenance plan. Two checks a year are provided through our Total System Rejuvenation and Club Membership preventative maintenance programs. Get HVAC repair at 20-75% less and remember: We’re an air conditioning company that strives to help you save on repair work and utilities in Largo, FL.

Don’t let a broken AC ruin your day. Have an HVAC contractor visit today by calling us at 813-375-9982.

What Sets Us Apart

  • In Business for Over 70 Years!
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