Total HVAC System Rejuvenation

A Tune-Up for Your Tampa Furnace and Air Conditioner

Like all machinery, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems wear down over time—especially if they’re not taken care of. As is true for your car, regular maintenance checks can make all the difference in the world. At Air Rescue Air Conditioning, we’ve developed a proprietary Total System Rejuvenation service that can do wonders for your Tampa or St. Petersburg HVAC system. It covers more than standard AC maintenance to maximize the performance, efficiency, and longevity of your HVAC system.

Developed by a former US Air Force mechanic and a licensed, mechanical engineer, our Total System Rejuvenation service is the most comprehensive evaluation you can find for your residential climate control system. In less than two hours’ time, our expert technicians can run a complete diagnostic check on your entire system. They’ll quickly see if you require any additional service or air conditioning repair.

Qualified Technician Working on your HVAC System

The Air Rescue A/C Total System Rejuvenation includes:

  • Complete sanitization of your entire HVAC system with an EPA-registered sanitizer.
  • Up to two pounds of refrigerant if you’re low on freon.
  • A six-month, system-wide guarantee against breakdown.

Air conditioning companies frequently advertise that HVAC systems can last for many years. This is only possible with proper maintenance. An HVAC rejuvenation concentrates on the ductwork, where dust, dander, airborne particulates, and even mold can accumulate. Air duct leaks can reduce the efficiency of the system as much as excessive dirt, if not more. A thorough inspection will determine if the ducts need to be cleaned and sanitized, or services such as duct repair are needed.

To run at top efficiency, an AC system needs fresh refrigerant. Replacing the fluid ensures the unit is covered under the contractor’s guarantee. Your HVAC contractor in Tampa, FL will also inspect the compressor, condenser, and system lines to be sure everything is working properly and there are no leaks.

Total HVAC system rejuvenation doesn’t only enable the system to last longer. It also saves you money. With the service, you get a six-month guarantee against any type of breakdown. This means the service protects you against expenses related to even parts failures that occur following maintenance. Therefore, you need not worry about what air conditioning companies might charge for repairs.

Comprehensive Services from a Trusted HVAC Contractor

Air Rescue is the company to trust if you’re searching for “AC conditioning repair near me.” We’re on call 24/7 if your system exhibits poor cooling performance, intermittent function, or unusual noises. Repairs won’t only ensure your AC is running. They will improve energy efficiency and reduce the chances something might go wrong in the immediate future. Our other professional services include:

Duct repair and replacement: By neglecting air duct cleaning, the odds of needed major repairs go up. Leaky ducts may be caused by pests, which can infest the entire HVAC system, as can normal wear and tear on joints and connective components. Damage and mold growth lead air conditioning companies to recommend duct replacement. Otherwise, leaking air will cause utility bills to go up and for parts of your heating and cooling system to be strained to the point of failure. Dusty air can also be pulled in from outside, contaminating the indoor environment.

Furnace repair and maintenance: If you live in Tampa or Largo, you might not think about the furnace that often. You’ll certainly recognize heating problems if you need it. Furnace maintenance is, therefore, important, especially if you notice the flame is yellow instead of blue or banging, scraping, or squealing sounds are heard when the unit is running. Furnaces over 15 years old should be inspected/replaced due to potential safety hazards and simply because newer models are more efficient.

Heat pump replacement: If your heat pump as outlived its service life or shows signs of wear, our team can replace the old unit. Heat pump repair is one of our specialties.

Need AC, furnace, or heat repair or maintenance in Tampa or Largo, FL? Air Rescue is an HVAC company with over 70 years of experience and trained contractors who can fix any HVAC problem.

Don’t take chances with your heater and air conditioner! Call Air Rescue A/C at 813-612-5600 to schedule a Total System Rejuvenation today!

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